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Easy Hours is all about the Jobs. Jobs can be created for a task, for a client, for a project, for a break. The possibilities are endless.


Easy Hours has the ability to sync your data across the cloud. Ensure that you see everything on your phone and tablet automatically. Even if you only have one device you still have the benefit of automatic backups in the case of those unexpected emergencies.

📅 Dashboards

We provide Custom Date Range, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly summaries of your time across all jobs. And its fast! And with bar charts, pie charts, and line charts!

Free yourself from the drudgery of remembering when you started or stopped.  Easy Hours provides location based time tracking to automatically clock you in and clock you out as you get to and from work. Each Job Location has customizable tracking range to enable all sorts of uses.

🕔 Timesheets

See how your time is spent from week to week even when the device is offline. Easy Hours summarizes your weekly activities so that you can spend your time doing instead of remembering. We provide weekly, monthly, daily and custom views of all time entries.

For any Job with a tracked location you can configurable the notifications.  Let Easy Hours free you up from having to constantly track your time in spreadsheets or notes. Notifications will provide you with the confidence that your time is being tracked with precision.

Pause and restart time tracking with the tap of a button.  Taking a break was never so easy. Edit times with a few taps of a button. Add new times because you accidentally left your device at home. Delete times with a swipe and a click.

Easy Hours lets you decide if you’ve spent too much time on a job.  It is smart enough to know when you should call it a day. We provide personalized reminders instead of the usual plain old notifications.

Gorgeous reports can be generated for Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, and Custom Dashboards. You can even personalize your exports by providing your Name and Organization. With the convenience of sharing reports by email, AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print you can let anyone, including yourself, know exactly how long you have been working on a task