Wild Berry Lavender – big flavors for Easy Hours 4

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So you plan a new version of you app and you plan it code it and test it. It is ready for prime time. And then you get an email asking for a new feature. What do you do?

You build it!

We are happy to announce the arrival of the flavorful 4.0 release. We added some new, tweaked the old and brightened the rest.

And now for the details:

Yearly Dashboard
Powerful Filters
Gorgeous Reports
New Logo and Updated Design
Even Simpler Navigation

And the number one requested feature: Emojis.

Just Kidding.

Cloud sync and backup!

Time-Tracking für Akademiker

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Another nice mention of Easy Hours, this time for academics. As the author of Time-Tracking für Akademiker mentioned, apps that track time “gibt es wie Sand am Meer” (are a dime a dozen). We agree wholeheartedly.

It is important to know your audience. Many app users don’t have time to spend babysitting an app. They want apps that are simple, but still provide immediate value.

Thanks, Herbert! Happy time tracking.

Use Easy Hours with Evernote

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We are excited to see that the Evernote Tips blog likes to use Easy Hours. See what they have to say (in German) at Mein optimierter Homescreen (iPhone)

Because it is so simple to export job information as CSV or HTML you can do even more with less. Evernote is one of the many tools that make work easier. It keeps you focused on the tasks and we time it for you.

Chocolate Peppermint – Easy Hours 3.4

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3.4 is here for the Holidays.

  • Scrolling through a long list of Jobs?
  • Want to focus your attention on only the most relevant Jobs?
  • Want to hide those ‘old’ Jobs without losing your data?

Introducing Archive

We’ve given you the power to make old Jobs disappear from Timesheets and the Today Dashboard without having to permanently delete any data.

If you ever need to bring an archived Job back, simply Restore it. Old hours will continue to display on both the Weekly and Monthly Dashboards. You can even edit the times if necessary.

Look for Archive in the Easy Hours Menu.


Android 5, aka Lollipop, has introduced some dramatic visual changes. The new look plays well with our look and feel.

  • Brighter Notifications
  • More space for Jobs in the Menu
  • Nicer dialogs

We have also discovered some interesting new performance improvements and added the ability to customize the Android Notifications within General Preferences.

Please do continue to use the in-app Feedback. We encourage you to contact us if for any reason you feel your experience with Easy Hours is suboptimal.

Happy Holidays!

Maple Cinnamon – this time its personal; Easy Hours 3.3

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Fall weather has descended upon us, and with that we are happy to announce our newest Easy Hours, version 3.3.

Many of you have expressed the desire to have more control over exports. We have added the ability to turn on the IN/OUT times so that you can have the details you need. This can be accessed from within the Easy Hours Preferences.

We have also made some improvements to usability and optimized Easy Hours for iOS 8 and Android 4.4.2.

New for iOS 8: See your recent activity in the Today view widget in the Notification Center.

New for Android: See your recent activity in the Today widget on your home screen or key guard screen.

Other new features will be coming soon to take advantage of the device capabilities and ensure you have even less work to do to track your time!

Please do continue to use the in-app @Feedback. We encourage you to contact us if for any reason you feel your experience with Easy Hours is suboptimal.

Abacaxi com Coentro – Celebrate the World Cup with Easy Hours 3.1

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In honor of the World Cup wrapping up the group stage, we are delighted to release Easy Hours 3.1. We had some great feedback about the app – thanks! – and decided to incorporate some of the ideas for a knockout round release.

  • By popular demand: Add a break to any time block!
  • More power on Today. Access Last Week’s or This Week’s Timesheet with a simple tap.
  • Prefer a different date format? Personalize Easy Hours to display dates as you like it.
  • More personalization options: configure Easy Hours to allow just one or multiple clock ins at a time.
  • More power on Daily. Add time to your jobs.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

All feedback is welcome, including ideas, questions, concerns, or just to let us know how you are using Easy Hours.

Baked Alaska – back to our roots in Easy Hours 3.0

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So we had this idea that the concept of Locations could be simplified. It did not lend itself to manual time tracking.

The solution: Jobs

Jobs have optional Job Locations. For existing Easy Hours customers Locations are automatically converted to Jobs (with Locations) when you upgrade. Simplifying Locations to Jobs allowed us to enhance the Menu and provide even more data exactly where you want to see it. Plus you can now easily track your time on Jobs with no Locations!

Here are the full release notes:

  • Introducing ‘Jobs’. Manual time tracking is now as intuitive as Automatic time tracking.
  • Introducing the ‘Monthly’ Dashboard. View time across all your jobs month by month.
  • We’ve enhanced Dashboards by giving you the power to Share.
  • Change addresses for a job without losing precious history.
  • Do you have a hard to find work location? Long press on the map to add it.
  • We’ve reduced the size of Easy Hours by 200% and increased functionality and performance.
  • Did we forget to mention that CSV exports now include Memos for the day? You are welcome!

As always, thanks for the great feedback and reviews. Your opinions are important to us.

Stracciatella – more layers in Easy Hours 2.2

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Today. Its kind of important when you are tracking your time.

  • “What am I doing today?”
  • “What did I do today?”
  • “What did I need to do today?”

You have questions? Easy Hours has the answers!

Introducing the Today Dashboard. Swipe through your locations, start / stop time, take a break, add memos or change time, all with a few taps.

There are even more convenient ways to add memos and change time than ever before.

We also included miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Get the update and save even more time, Today.

Your ideas and feedback are always welcome.

Pistachio Kulfi – Easy Hours 2.1 is here

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Willkommen! ¡Bienvenidos!

Olé! Easy Hours is now available in both Deutsch and Español.

Easy Hours has now been updated to include all the goodness of iOS 7 and Android 4.4.
Want to be reminded when its time to go? Customize your daily reminder message and the time and we’ve got you covered.

Please keep the ideas flowing. We read and respond to every post whether its Email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Buckeye – Easy Hours 2.0 made fresh to order!

👤 🕔 January 18, 2014 Comments Off on Buckeye – Easy Hours 2.0 made fresh to order!

HandsFreeTime (HFT) is now known as Easy Hours. We’ve updated the look but kept all the goodies that you’ve come to love!

Need to keep track of what you did at a particular time on a given day? Change My Time now allows you to attach notes that you can use to remind yourself.

Do you prefer round numbers when calculating your total hours? Personalize your timesheet to calculate your total hours exactly as you want it.

Love the app? Spread The Word! We support Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Weibo, SMS, Mail, AirDrop, and Android Beam.