Chocolate Peppermint – Easy Hours 3.4

👤 🕔 December 21, 2014 0

3.4 is here for the Holidays.

  • Scrolling through a long list of Jobs?
  • Want to focus your attention on only the most relevant Jobs?
  • Want to hide those ‘old’ Jobs without losing your data?

Introducing Archive

We’ve given you the power to make old Jobs disappear from Timesheets and the Today Dashboard without having to permanently delete any data.

If you ever need to bring an archived Job back, simply Restore it. Old hours will continue to display on both the Weekly and Monthly Dashboards. You can even edit the times if necessary.

Look for Archive in the Easy Hours Menu.


Android 5, aka Lollipop, has introduced some dramatic visual changes. The new look plays well with our look and feel.

  • Brighter Notifications
  • More space for Jobs in the Menu
  • Nicer dialogs

We have also discovered some interesting new performance improvements and added the ability to customize the Android Notifications within General Preferences.

Please do continue to use the in-app Feedback. We encourage you to contact us if for any reason you feel your experience with Easy Hours is suboptimal.

Happy Holidays!

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